Epiphany Sunday School

10 am Sundays (during worship)

One of the best things about Epiphany is the Sunday School, and that is because of the kids. The Sunday School children at Epiphany are such amazing models of the way Jesus lived. They are so loving, enthusiastic, and joyful. They are a real inspiration to us. The children named their Sunday School Holy Moly Mornings. The children also wanted to call themselves The Jesus Kids.

Starting in the fall of 2015, Epiphany Holy Moly Mornings will be using a new lectionary based curriculum with the children, called “Whirl”. Each week, children watch a three-minute video featuring animated characters who encounter fun, adventure, and surprises as they meet up at their church and in their community. Each episode is rooted in the day’s theme and shows the kids living out faith in a wide range of situations. No matter what the challenge, the kids in the Whirl videos are ready to show kids that a life in the church is a great place to meet friends, explore the Bible, and grow in faith! The children explore the themes further in their Bibles in age appropriate classes where they also learn about the seasons in the church year and engage in many fun and interactive activities that reinforce the theme. The best part of this new curriculum is that each week there is a take home component to help parents and children further explore what they have learned at Holy Moly Mornings. If your children are between age 3 to grade 6 they are welcome to come down for Holy Moly Mornings following children’s time in our worship services.

So if you have a child that you would like to see in Sunday School, consider coming out one Sunday and see for yourself.

Whirl is a lectionary-centered Sunday school that’s easy to use, engages kids, and connects to the wider church.


Sunday School Wind -Up 2017



Sunday School Wind -Up 2016

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