Vaccination and Worship – A Message from Council

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Vaccination and Worship – A Message from Council

The decision that we reached together is to have something of a hybrid approach: On the second through fourth Sundays – and the fifth, when there is one – proof of vaccination will be required in order to attend worship in the Epiphany building. On the first Sunday of the month, which will always be a communion Sunday, worshipers will be able to gather with no vaccination restrictions but with capacity limits set according to current health orders. We worked very hard to make this decision, and we sought to find a balance between our Christian concern for the protection of our neighbours’ health and our Christian concern for the inclusion of all of God’s people in our worship together. We realized early on the there would not be one answer to the question that would satisfy everyone; we feel strongly, though, that God’s Spirit has guided us toward this decision, and we trust that it will allow all of those who are comfortable attending worship in person to do so at some point each month. We also continue to be grateful that we are able to worship together – online and in person – even when we are apart for a time.

We ask that you bring proof of vaccination if you are planning to be here for worship. Please also remember that masks are still required, and social distancing is strongly encouraged.

We thank you, the members of Epiphany, for your prayerful support of your council as we met to make this decision. We assure that you were all in our conversation and in our prayers as we worked our way through this.

Grace and Peace be with you.

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