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Looking For a Good book to read?

If so, consider coming out to hear our guest speakers as they review a variety of books that are both inspirational and thought provoking.

Please join us in the library following the service from 11:15-12:00 pm.

  • November 8th – Keith Listoe (our very own) on his book The Perfect Life.

Part autobiography and part treatise for a better world, The Perfect Life offers stories to inspire any reader into making positive changes that will affect themselves and those around them. It details the author’s own experiences in rejecting sin and struggling to live by the Gospel. Through his spiritual and physical journey, he provides inspired reflection on how we can work together to eliminate poverty, greed, and immorality. Please join us as Keith shares with us why he calls himself “The half physically dead miracle man living”. 

  • November 15th – Laureen Brandson on A New Christianity for a new world by Bishop John Shelby Spong (Postponed)

In his bestselling book Why Christianity Must Change or Die, Bishop John Shelby Spong described the toxins that are poisoning the Church. Now in this book he offers the antidote, calling Christians everywhere into a new and radical reformation for a new age. Spong looks beyond traditional boundaries to open new avenues and a new vocabulary into the Holy, proposing a Christianity premised upon justice, love, and the rise of a new humanity — a vision of the power that might be. 

  • November 22nd –  Jens Reuter (our very own) on his book My Hope in Hell

No subject in all of religion attracts as much controversy as the place of punishment we call hell. The idea that some people will suffer for ever breaks hearts, calls people to action and drives people away from faith. Yet for all our strong feelings about hell, most of us do not have a clear understanding of it. What, exactly, is hell- a real lake of fire and torture or something else? What is its purpose? Who ends up in hell, and can they ever escape? Drawing on the teachings of Scripture, his own experiences and the thoughts of Christians who have come before, the author examines both traditional doctrines and alternate understandings of what hell really is and how it affects our lives. 

  • November 29th Pastor Stacy on Why weren’t we Told? A Handbook on progressive Christianity by Rex A.E. Hunt & John W. H. Smith.

Progressive Christianity is not new. It has been around for two hundred years or more. But the anger and disappointment of those who have encountered it only recently is palpable: Why weren’t we told?” This international collection of cameos and articles on the themes and issues addressed by progressive Christianity is a response to that cry. 

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