Epiphany Meetings Coming Up

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We have a few special and congregational meetings coming up:

November 7 – Miracle Gro™ For Epiphany Leadership Visioning Retreat
February 28 – 2016 Epiphany Annual General Meeting

We wanted to remind everyone of the respectful meeting guidelines that we adopted at our last annual meeting. About 2 years ago, Sister Ginger introduced the Respectful Meeting Guidelines to our Church Council.  After trialling them for a few months, we moved to adopt them as part of our meeting practice.

Our first opportunity occurs on September 27, 2015 with a visit from Bishop Elaine Sauer, bishop of the MNO (Manitoba Northwestern Ontario) Synod, of which our congregation is a part.  She will be delivering the sermon at our worship service and staying afterward for a Q&A period.  Her last visit to our congregation was about four years ago, and a lot has happened since then, both at Epiphany and the MNO Synod.  Not sure what our role in the MNO Synod is?  What does the MNO Synod provide to us?  Check the MNO website.  Bring your questions, comments (positive ones too) and concerns.

On November 7, 2015 – Miracle Gro for Epiphany is a day set aside for a few of our leaders in the congregation to examine ourselves as a living and growing community. What do we need to thrive and grow in a healthy way?  How do we encourage both individual and congregational growth? What enlivens us (gives us hope)?

These are exciting times – times of forgiveness, renewal and hope for the future.  Let’s keep our hearts and minds open.

We will have a number of opportunities this fall and in 2016 to meet over various topics. We, council, value every voice and in the interest of ensuring that everyone feels safe expressing their opinion, concerns or questions, please take a moment to read, re-read our Epiphany Respectful Meeting Guidelines in preparation for our future gatherings.

Judy Dikkema
Chair, Epiphany Church Council

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