Allison Dengate CancerCare Walk Fundraiser

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Care to support a U of M student in her fight against cancer? Allison Dengate, is a University of Mantioba student on  a semester break and currently a full time cancer fighter. She hopes to spread awareness and raise money on behalf of CancerCare Manitoba. This Saturday, June 13, she will be walking in the Challenge for Life 20k walk.

Allison’s Story
My journey with cancer began 8 months ago in August 2014. Just about to wrap up my summer job, I had taken a nap on the couch and… woke up with cancer. I didn’t know it at the time; in fact I was convinced it was simply a muscle knot. However, when it was still there after a few weeks, I knew it was time to get it checked out.

The first doctor I saw was at the local walk in clinic. After a quick examination and some questions he told me his concerns, he told me there was a possibility it could be cancer. I’d like to say that this is when my battle in becoming cancer free started, but I can’t. From this doctor I was sent to my family doctor to yet another doctor in my home town. I went back and forth for test after test, never hearing any results or knowing what to do or expect. In November I was scheduled for a surgical biopsy that would give me and my family an answer.

That answer was Classical Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – subtype nodular sclerosis. The lump that I had formally called “George” was in fact a tumor; officially cancer.

After 4 months of slow – and barely any – progress, the call I received on my 20th birthday in January kicked everything into overdrive. It all happened so fast. I had CT, PET and MUGA scans, blood work and every test I could think of within 2 weeks. By the end of January I had a specialist handling my case, I was ready to start chemo therapy and I’ve been working on getting well again since.

It has been a journey, but I’m finally in a good spot and getting better. I’m getting better thanks to CancerCare Manitoba, the great doctors and nurses there who really care and the swift action they took to get rid of this cancer with me. I’m so thankful to everyone who has helped me and continues to do so, and this is my opportunity to help them. Because of CancerCare, I CAN do this walk, and for them I WILL. It is a small thing I can do to give back to everyone who has done so much for me, so they can continue doing this for everyone else in need.

All proceeds raised from the Challenge for Life 20k walk stay right here in Manitoba to support prevention, early detection, state of the art treatment, world class research and patient support at CancerCare Manitoba.

To support Allison, or for more information see her CancerCareManitoba page. If you decide to donate, maybe let her know you heard about her from an Epiphany Church email.

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